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Utilizing several modalities, including Yoga and breathwork brings a dynamic look into the human body and its possibilities for healing. Through observation, inquiry and intuition Mark brings a fresh approach to every session. Even with regular weekly or monthly clients it is important to take a step back and bring a clear and open mind to each session, which in turn leads to deeper understanding and deeper progress in releasing deep seated physical, psychological and emotional issues.

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Mark Terza

"I have undergone many changes along my path, but when all is said and done, I now know enough about myself to know that what makes me feel a sense of accomplishment and true fulfillment is bodywork. Helping people heal through massage therapy, yoga, and energy work. I am full of gratitude to be able to answer my calling. Well, that and being a father to my incredible daughter, Neve 😊" - Mark

Terza Therapeutic Bodywork is the evolution of Mark Terza and his career in integrative bodywork since 1996. Like most massage therapists Mark began in the spa world; the fast-paced NYC spa world, nonetheless. From spa environment to house calls to self-employed massage therapist. The physical body of his clients was the main focus at first. Until he came across Reiki, that is. Then the energetic body began to come in to play consciously, not just intuitively.  Mark's exodus from city life to Putnam and Dutchess counties brought about more transformation with his first office and the addition of becoming a Yoga instructor. A solid yoga practice, 200 hours of Yoga instructor training, then teaching alignment and restorative Yoga, and adding 500 hours of teacher trading brought a whole new dimension to his massage practice.

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