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Reflexology Therapy
Relaxing Massage


Hand Massage


The most common type of massage in the spa environment. It is a great way to release tension, relax, and have some of those superficial knots worked out. An entry-level massage, so to speak.


The massage enthusiast’s type of massage, only deeper, more intense, and more effective. Deep tissue work gets the job done with more pressure and intense focus on areas that are holding tension and bound up.


Throughout pregnancy, a woman's body changes and adapts to be able to accommodate the little bundle of joy on the way. But, along with the joy, come growing pains. Prenatal massage helps relieve the pain and brings an expecting mother back to balance. In the case of prenatal massage, there are extra precautions taken in accordance with each trimester and it is suited to each individual.

|  REIKI  |

When a practitioner is attuned to Reiki, they become an “antenna” for energy. By placing the hands, on or near the body, with conscious intent, one allows energy to flow to the client. As long as there is intake and openness from the client, and intuition from the practitioner, Reiki goes exactly where it needs to help the body bring itself back into balance.


The ancient art of working on the feet to affect different parts of the body. Organs and muscles can be "massaged" by applying pressure and manipulating the corresponding part of the foot.

|  YOGA  |

Yoga may be utilized to obtain a deeper connection with oneself and maximize the healing effects of bodywork. Private sessions and massage can be combined. Yoga poses can be demonstrated and written down for the client to practice on their own as well.

Cupping Treatment
Upper Back Massage


An ancient form of alternative medicine with a modern twist. Silicone cups are applied to the body after lotion or oil has been applied to the skin. The location is usually one with a stubborn knot or adhesion. If the cups are left static (or stationery) for too long, redness or bruising may occur (this is normal in acupuncture). Typically, in a massage therapy application, the cups are moved along the body to give a smooth and even release along the muscles. Cupping helps with pain management and inflammation, and provides improved blood flow, relaxation and overall well-being.

|  RATES  | 

$160 - 60 minutes

$190 - 90 minutes

$220 - 120 minutes


Groups of different sizes can be accommodated with chair massage also as an option. In these changing times people are frequently bringing the spa to their own pod. Reducing the risk of COVID exposure by limiting contact and still having a great day together is definitely a way to truly relax.



Chiropractic is to the bones as massage therapy is to the muscles and as MFR is to the fascia. The fascia is one giant “sheet” of connective tissue that goes all the way from inside the skull, down to the fingertips and toes, in and around the muscles and organs. Try to imagine a sweater… A pull or snag in one place can change the whole sweater. MFR addresses the "pull" and by releasing the pull or extraneous tension, we can help the body move back towards balance.

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